How I Work

A basic description of my current working tools

How I Work

Current Linux Distribution: Ubuntu Server 18.04

Current Workstation: 15” 2016 Macbook Pro w/ 27” Monitor

Technical Specs:

  • Ram: 16gb
  • Hard Disk: 512gb
  • CPU: Intel i7 2.6GHz Intel Core


  • Text Editor: Visual Studio Code and Vim for servers
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome
  • Music Player: Spotify
  • Word Processor: Google Docs
  • Note Taking: Paper and Whiteboards
  • Research Notebook: Giving the rocketbook everlast a try for a bit, Paper for everything else
  • To do list: Index Cards, trying to migrate to bullet journal
  • Calendar: Google Calendar
Lucas Chaufournier
Software Engineer

My research interests include distributed systems, IOT, and edge computing.